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The Innovation Cafe Launch

The Innovation Cafe menu is now available to anyone who’s interested.

If you live in S/E Queensland then perhaps you’ll get the chance to come along but for now let’s examine the first one – ‘Changing the Culture’ (of management) that is.

I have worked for, or managed both public and private businesses all over the world. From Melbourne, to New York, to Bangalore and Manila. But sadly the story is always the same; executive management at the top seem lost in a time warp. Caught up in the bullshit regime of corporate silo’s, bureaucracy and rear vision thinking!

Take my last employer  (a business I happen to love) – the mighty global property giant Lend Lease – a company founded on ethical and sustainable business principles by one of Australia’s greatest corporate business mavericks – Dick Dusseldorp in 1958. Since his passing in 2000 the business continues to thrash around having lost its way. Worse it lacks real leadership and a heart and soul. Don’t get me wrong there are thousands of talented – moreover exceptional loyal and devoted employees who are trying to make a difference. However unless there is a coup or a decapitation of the culture at the top, I fear nothing much will change.

No I am not all bitter and twisted… just sad because despite my numerous efforts to help no one above wanted to listen!

But more on that story another time….Australia’s corporate leaders (and the worlds for that matter) should take a page out of the Dick Dusseldorp story as it stands in stark contrast to those greed obsessed, myopic and uncaring so called business leaders (CEO’s) of today.

Leadership (or the lack of it) is to me the number one problem confronting Australian business today. Words like Love, Compassion, Collaboration, and Innovation are to the great majority of leaders – just words, as not much of that is being practiced in the board rooms within the corporations that I know.

So just where’s the problem? What can we do about it? Besides who gives a rats?

Well I do, so look for my two bobs worth later this week…




2 Responses to Coffee Anyone?

  1. The Chad, your little rant rings an orchestra. I have the priviledge to work and provide inspiration to some of the most passionate people in business in Australia who would like (and probably would do a damn good job of it) to make a change and take a leap for their companies at least. Our corporate Leadership layer is anything but leadership. They are truly stuck in old Porteresque, Druckerian and Kotlerian models of business and marketing. Yet companies that are leading in innovation and profitability are those that embrace a graceful, light-footed pace: on the environment and on the changing direction of the path that leads through the wilderness that is the living World. I would like to gather together even a small group of Leaders who actually can lead and inspire even if their title didnt start with a ‘C’. But there is such thing as the Power of One. Gandhi proved it.

    • ozechad says:

      Margaret. The ‘C’ word always causes a stir. Agree with your vivid description The time is now to collaboratively create an innovation cause a movement and showcase a new way forward as you suggest.

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