What I have learned…

For the past few weeks I’ve been managing the marketing and community engagement business unit @ Logan City Council. Although its been a while since I led a creative team of talented people the lessons of a diverse business career are always and ever present with you – specifically insights of, customers, people, leadership and business. Show them you care, Show them that they matter, Show them with love in your heart and Show them where they fit in (or don’t)!

Actually I’m blessed to have met or worked alongside some of the worlds best.

Back in the early 80’s I pitched an idea to the legendary Bob Ansett This was around the time when his mighty Budget Rent A Car was on the drive to knock off Avis from its No1 top dog status. (They did!) Anyway  back then I remember thinking wow, this guy is amazing but more importantly I remember his message:

“You can’t possibly know or understand how customers think or feel – unless you deal with them face to face”

Like most entrepreneurs Bob’s leadership style meant he didn’t just talk about it,  sadly like so many of todays managers do – he actually demonstrated what he meant by leading from the front line – and mandated all Budget senior execs must regularly serve on the front counter to experience first hand what face to face really means!

My next big lesson was about Customer Relationship Management… in the late 90’s at the offices of legendary USA authors Peppers & Rogers Group. (Dr Martha Rogers and Don Peppers – coined the phrase 1:1 Marketing). It was around the time that a few of us OZe’s imagined a different world emerging through the customers eyes. I had just seen Martha captivate an audience at a digital printing expo in New York  and I was hooked!

“Treat customers as a marketing opportunity of ONE – and you might just create a relationship covering a lifetime of value!”

And my third lesson is all about the new social media revolution when back in early 2000 I began to follow a real heretic – Seth Godin.  I’m an avid fan of all of his books and his daily Blog.

“The Web changes everything: customers now rule – you don’t!”

But perhaps the most important lesson I’ve learnt  and continue to learn is from the man who coined the ultimate customer relationship phrase LovemarksKevin Roberts is someone whom I admire, and regularly follow across a variety of issues including Leadership and what it means to do the right thing – the very inspirational Saatchi & Saatchi leader – Kevin’s a Kiwi and NZ is a country which spawns a host of clever people who regularly punch above their weight

So do yourself a favour. Sit back and watch this.




4 Responses to What I have learned…

  1. Shajyy says:

    Hey Tony,

    It’s Shajyy here.

    Good to find that you have a blog! Always knew you’d have one, very inspiring… Good stuff.

    Hope you remember me. I am assisting Qponics Pty Ltd with the help of your Start Innovation Centre.

    Hope to see you sometime soon.

    Cheers ~~ Shajyy

  2. ozechad says:

    Hi Shajyy

    Great to hear from you..thanks for your feedback.

    Keep living the dream!

    Cheers Tony

  3. Jim says:

    Hi Tony
    Check out your blog this morning and watched the video enjoyed both.
    Keep doing what you do so well and I will keep reading your blog to ensure that my mind stays open to new ideas

  4. Greg Dodge says:

    Brilliant!! Love it all…

    especially (but not only) this bit…
    Martin Luther King never got up and said – i have a mission statement. So if you go to work for a company and they have a mission statement – have a good laugh – ask them what their dream is.

    What we want is a dream – an INSPIRATIONAL DREAM.

    yes – DREAM IT UP…!!


    “The role of business is to make the world a better place”….

    How do you make the world to be a better place?
    By spending my time with the leaders of tomorrow. If I can inspire one of you to have a great idea – that will have a ripple effect. Everyone gets to spend 10% of their time pro-bono on something they believe and is going to make a difference.

    Sustainable workforce. Not green. Think Blue. Blue Oceans, Blue Skies, Blue Seas.

    No limits – only possibilities.

    and this G E M..

    “Ideas are the currency of the future…”

    We live in a world where we have all become Connectors and not Directors.
    No longer manipulating, no longer directing, no longer steering…out life is to connect.

    yeah baby! 😉

    Thanks for sharing….

    PS :
    What else did I learn (or be reminded at least)
    It is how do I PASSIONATELY combine passion and harmony so that I can get into my life and work into one constant FLOW of JOY. I can do it – you can do it.
    It is a mind set. I am not going to compromise – not going to balance – I’m only going to do stuff that I am passionate about, and do that all the time.

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