Leading The Management Revolution

Meet The Boss…cont

Now meet Prof. Gary Hamel. A passionate management thinking guru

I first came across his work back in 2000 with his book – Leading The Revolution and was so inspired I made it compulsory reading for my management team. His most recent book The Future of Management is also revolutionary and a must read if you still are thinking like a Boss!

Take for example:

EMPLOYEE CAPABILITY HIERARCHY…in order from good to great!

  1. Obedience – Staff that show up, do what they’re told and follow the rules
  2. Diligence – hardworking, stay till the work is done, generally are focussed
  3. Intellect – staff who take responsibility for there own skills, constantly learning, and following best practices
  4. Initiative – employees who look to solve problems, ask how can I help or do more
  5. Creativity – Employees who lay awake at night worrying about how we can learn from other industries, or what can I do for the greater good of the organisation
  6. Passion – Employees who bring energy and life to the organisation, for whom the job has spiritual meaning

Lets examine the first three – Obedience, Diligence, Intellect – The Boss operates well here…do as I say, don’t deviate from the plan, this is way we do things around here. Those same three skill sets also work really well in well defined mature market sectors example where ink cartridges sell printers or within government bureaucracies. But here’s the thing …as I said in my last post  that’s not the problem modern management is now wrestling with. Especially because the Web and our new interconnected world, enable these same three skill sets to be freely available for a fraction of the cost from places like Bangalore, Manila or Guangzhou.

It is a tragedy, that most Bosses I know haven’t a clue or a mindset that will enable them to adapt or step up to the plate and think and act like a Leader. Worse most seemed trapped in a time warp and are more comfortable operating like the Soviet Union than an exciting startup in Silicon Valley (or is my wish for Logan S/E Qld) – where INITIATIVE, CREATIVITY and PASSION are the future and holy grail for any business or enterprise if they are really to become innovative and succeed!

So, it will come as no surprise to those who know me that, the 1968 classic song from Lennon (John) …you say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world!…is keeping me awake at night!




7 Responses to Leading The Management Revolution

  1. […] …to be continued […]

  2. Hamish says:

    What you write is so true, yet the sad thing is the Boss only thinks that is the way it is done around here, the reality is so different, but in order to make sure the 2 worlds do not interact the boss needs to have a very good information limiter or cleaning system.
    But how long can you control information ?

    As more information becomes available people question the value of what they thought was true and the Boss has to get a new tailor.
    We are not really at the end just the start of what will be a great ride

    🙂 Hamish

  3. Daniel Lewis says:

    Tony, I feel there’s a wave building and an opportunity to get on board a ride that’ll see talented people find their voice and be leaders, not by following the rules and doing what they’re told but by discovering their talent and the ability to inspire others.

    Jim Collins describes “Level 5” leaders as modest and wilful, humble and fearless. This resinates with me and when I think of great leaders I know their passion and drive is infectious and their values evident.

    Communication is everything, and leaders need to embrace collaboration allowing their teams to innovate and uncover the thought leaders within. The customer truly has a voice today and so does the employee, and if their leader doesn’t inspire them to be the best they can be, or be valued, then they’ll find a company or a leader that does.

    Managing talent is becoming far more accountable within companies and leaders… and I welcome it.

    • ozechad says:

      Hi Dan Thanks for dropping in. Your comments are from someone who is in touch with the issues now confronting management and you are one who is indeed helping to really make a difference.
      Viva La Revolution
      Cheers mate.

  4. Peter Ryan says:

    Hi Tony,

    Great post, it is a real challenge for businesses to be part of this revolution when the things that get most focus are returns to investors and the things managers are incented on are mostly to do with turn-over and compliance.

    We are currently rolling out a leadership program to try to “turn the tanker” in the right direction, but it is a mammoth collective cultural change piece.

    So we have two types of managers in the business really:
    – those that are working in the business by doing and driving everything personally and seeing the “people” stuff as an interruption to their busy day
    – those that are working on the business by empowering and recognising their people and ensuring they are the guiding light for the values and strategy of the business and seeing the “people” stuff as core to their role

    The challenge is to recognise those from the second group and to create these exemplars as the high water mark of leadership in the business.

    Thanks Tony.


    • ozechad says:

      Hi Peter

      Thanks for saying hello.

      Interesting question you pose – “two types of managers” want to take a stab at what percentage of managers are the latter. From my research and what I see out and about I’d guess they only make up 7 – 10% of the management world today. This is why so many businesses are struggling they’re trying to survive on old factory based thinking. It takes courage to cannibalise yourself …before you get eaten!. Case in point just today I see Lotus espousing the virtues of cloud based collaborative systems.

      I’m in Brisbane / Gold Coast if ever you want to catch up for a coffee?



  5. Peter Ryan says:

    Hi Tony,

    Love to catch up for a coffee and to solve the issues of the management world. Let me know if you’re over Toowong way.

    I’ll connect on Linkedin too.


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