Apple Thinking…The iPad

Heh sorry I’ve been off line for a while…but those who know me know why. So let’s start 2010 off with bang – Apple’s new iPad which is best described by this awesome Wall Street Journal  quote:

The last time there was this much excitement about a tablet …it had a few commandments written on it!

iPad Commandments

Lot’s of knockers and doomsayers seem to be out in force, and I too was a tad disappointed that the iPad wasn’t able to cure cancer!. But heck this technology could well be a real ‘game changer! Literally.

Undaunted, I went looking for some more defining answers. You know, like delving into Apple’s head space or trying to understand there strategic thinking. Thanks NQ Logic

So I guess it’ll be interesting then to see in 12 months time who was right and who was wrong.

As an advocate of change (for the better) and especially Thinking Different I thank god I had the foresight and luck to be on such a fascinating journey with the team @ 1 Infinte Loop Cupertino, and although I come from the land Downunder, I was there with them when they first revolutionised Graphic Arts, Printing and Publishing, then again with Music, and more recently – with mobile communication. So not surprisingly I intend to be with them for a little while longer yet…because:

These folk at Apple “who are crazy enough to think they can change the world”…more often than not, are the ones who do!


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  1. Tony, great post. Changing the world – has the appeal.

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