Valentines Day – Give her a gift of love!

I recently came across a dumb article for 25 great tech gifts for Valentines Day, so not a bad time to highlight what prompted me to give the lady I love – an iPad.

My wife ‘Jenni’ received her iPad as soon as the magical device burst on to the scene last year. Why? Because I intuitively knew that she would love it but more importantly because I hoped it would unlock and spark her god given talent of creativity. And it did. She actually created a business around it – iPad artwork!

An iPad isn’t just another tech gadget! It represents a technology shift to a new paradigm – which is why we coined the phrase – from  “Hi Tech to Hi Touch” Because, the iPad frees  us from a technical world  controlled by experts, geeks, crap interfaces, manuals or tech savvy nerds.

What we are witnessing is a new creative ‘renaissance’ where creativity and the power of internet can now be in everyones hands. Even if given to an 83 year old OR a three year as within minutes – watch what happens – they get it. As Steve Jobs said – it’s magical!

But it doesn’t stop there – the iPad is now revolutionizing the corporate enterprise playing field. As I was also privy to watch what happened to the CIO of a very large government enterprise – it unlocked the child within him. IT became ‘fun’ again. – ” heh look at this App” Wow imagine what we can do out in the field… for you see the iPad isn’t a toy a gimmick, another gadget or bunch of flowers (I bet there’s an app for that too) that will wither and die – the iPad heralds the birth of a new mobilty and connected life experience – and its bigger than PC’s mobile phones  – the likes of which we have not seen before.

Give her an iPad I say. She will love it and more likely… It will change her life!



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