Telco’s – ‘Our’ Pain Point!

You get off your international flight ready to do business – equipped with the latest iPhone or iPad, Trouble is , you can’t (unless you have Wifi) – because your Telco’s SIM – Only Works in Your Country!

Duh!, Bloody amazing that in our highly networked always connected digital world – we the people must suffer such pain.

Of course the pain I refer to is brought about by a tightly controlled industry gripped with an intense case of rigidity that is hard for anyone (on the outside) to understand. For God sake – even my Airline understands – they got together (collaborated) to create: One World

But not the Telco’s!

As one of the worlds leading Mobility analysts Horace Dediu – Asymco says:

These odd behaviors are symptoms of an underlying absence of innovation.

Indeed – why doesn’t someone just step in and abstract the industry. So I’m betting it’ll be those on the fringe (not from within) who see the opportunity and who are best equipped to do so.

Maybe it’ll be Apple or Google or Amazon who bring about the necessary disruption and create a new virtual network.

Horace adds: The answer seems to be more and more that the future of communications must find a new, unregulated value network!

Bring it on I say!

Because for we the people – it’s a real pain in the butt!



3 Responses to Telco’s – ‘Our’ Pain Point!

  1. woowoowoo says:

    I’ve never understood why SIM functionality couldn’t be on the motherboard of the device and enabled by some sort of key/permission. It’s effectively only an authentication dongle.

    • ozechad says:

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes technically I suspect your are correct. It will be interesting to see what happens – but I sense there is change in the wind!

  2. Chad Wiech says:

    I like the ‘Horace’ idea that the future of communications must find a new, unregulated value network!
    We have seen this disruption within Software – out with boxes and discs – in with Cloud Services.

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