iPad – Unleashing Creativity!

July 1, 2010

This is my third  post in a row about the iPad, and whilst I knew it would be a big hit, little did I realise what a profound effect it would have at home especially with my wife Jenni.

Yes I was there at the Apple Store – Robina – the day the iPad was released in Australia – lots of happy smiling faces in fact I was greeted by Sonia the Store Manager as I have purchased a quite bit of stuff since they opened last year.  Anyway I decided on the 32 gig 3G iPad so later that night when I arrived home gave it to Jenni to see what would happen – as I especially wanted her to have something she could play with – as she is hugely talented doodler and in fact is a gifted artist!

So we then downloaded a couple of painting and drawing Apps and then without any detailed explanation, training or online assistance, my talented wife started to draw and voilà over the next few weeks amazing things started to happen…

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…It was as though the artist which had been struggling inside finally found a new creative outlet and was released!

Over the past couple of weeks Jenni has also taken up painting again with new a creative range of her own stylised artwork which she is now selling at a local gallery…WOW!

As an Apple evangelist and long time believer never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine this magical new iPad device would inspire so many people let alone my own talented and beautiful wife to unleash her own creativity.

Thank you Apple (again)