Living in a childs dream!

July 11, 2010

For some of us…we are at the crossroads. Who can we trust or believe?.

Despite the rhetoric; the art of conversation, listening and working together to solve problems (real collaboration) – is almost nonexistent.

Complicated bureaucracies, siloed approaches within business and especially within the layers of Government seem to be at the heart of the problem Why? Perhaps it’s because of management hierarchies, bottle necks or strictures of structures that is actually blocking real meaningful conversation or open dialogue.

Meanwhile  the knowledge, resources, and computing power of billons of people are now self-organising into a massive new collective force. Interconnected through social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, Wikis, Skype,  and then there’s Google – the internet is providing the first ever global platform for realtime collaboration moreover these new online discussions are rapidly changing society and spawning new meritocracies or peer to peer networks and breathtaking businesses models.

Yet these new tools that foster conversation and collaboration are almost completely misunderstood and are banned by many business enterprises, or government authorities or wider industry groups.

Kids solving problems ref:

Children make you want to start life over.  ~Muhammad Ali

So let’s remember what it was like when every day was an adventure and collaboration learning and playing was fun!

Perhaps it’s time to replace legacy Hi Tech systems with new Hi Touch interactive tools.

See you in the playground of life.