Greenlight Laser…meet Dr Charles Chabert!

March 24, 2011

An Innovation Technology Post – from the patient:

“Ok Tony, you don’t have cancer you have a benign prostate growth and the the operation for this is called a TURP it takes about 1 hour, – you’ll be in for 3 to 4 days and off work 3 – 4 weeks. I’ve done thousands of them over the years – you’ll be fine, the epidural ensures pain is minimal and as for side effects there’s only a slight risk to sexual disfunction however a % of men do suffer incontinence. Oh look you’re lucky I have a cancellation so can fit you in on the 14th Nov – first cab off the rank

So how does all that sound?….i sat there nodding with a pathetic smile on my face agreeing to something I really had no idea what he was talking about. Besides it all sounded too mechanical and easy – like some production schedule!

Surely there was something better than this?,  given my background – time for a second opinion, even better perhaps there’s some new technology advancement?… and, fortunately for me there was!

Meet Dr Charles Chabert

The minute we met I liked him. Warm, enthusiastic, genuine and sincere. We discussed my various options including  medicine because … Tony the last option is surgery.

But in the end it was my decision. At 57 I could only imagine what I’d be like at 67.

So it was decided – Tuesday 22nd March 8.00am at the John Flynn Hospital Gold Coast.

John Flynn Hospital

Where's the Razor Blades?


It’s now Thursday 24th – 48 hours since my Greenlight Laser surgery was performed by my maverick urologist – who’s on a mission to improve mens health! But it didn’t quite go exactly to my plan and not that I’m a sook but the post operative pain was what I would describe as like “pissing razor blades’ but, nonetheless the hospital team were fantastic and able to manage it all so I came home after only i night in hospital, completely pain free, feeling pretty happy about myself!

NO; 3 or 4 night stay in Hospital. NO; 3 – 4 weeks recuperating. I’ll be back to normal in half that time!

Greenlight Laser has only been around a few years in Australia and we can thank my Qld urologist Dr Charles Chabert and his passionate team for pioneering this new technology and, blazing new trails for mens health -all because he dares to Think Different! – motivated to do things better and because its time to change the status quo!

Not surprisingly, Charles is also an Apple evangelist  – I really must chat to him about getting him a new iPad 2….