Apple’s bite…

October 31, 2010

Tony's Digital0002_2The image on the left is regarded as one of the first 4 colour desktop separations in Australia. Created by a wonderful designer  Andrew Harris, and output by an equally talented and pioneering team – The Xpress Group. (1986)

Back then, a QMS Colourscript printer (the first in Australia) cost us $45,000 and took about 40 minutes (if you were lucky) to rip a 20mb file just to see a colour proof. Back then we were right at the edge. But we were excited as we were  leading the analogue to digital revolution in Australia.

Back then… was about the time the time when the ‘power’ began to shift away from obese system providers to “we the mob”. But, creativity, graphic design, typography, photography did not die- its flourished.

Yes traditional analogue trades and crafts died – Typesetting was the first to go then, Compositors, Scanner operators etc…the list goes on just as it did when we moved from the horse and buggy era. Journalism did not die (well some might argue that) but newspapers now are – thanks to the Craigslist, Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and now the iPad. What really amazes me when you look back over past 30 years or so is just how damm clever and innovative Apple (Steve Jobs) has been.

No other company on earth has brought about such radical change to so many traditional analogue industry sectors – DTP, Music, Animation, and now commerce and trade – iTunes (Apps Store). Did the music industry die? no, it’s just morphing into a different industry supply chain model. However as an ex muso sure I too am amazed when I see a a band performing live just playing there iPhones …but heh the relentless march of anything that can be digital will be digital…is unstoppable which is why I’m such an optimist and am so excited about our future!

Yes, the challenges of the future will no doubt be novel, but they won’t be insurmountable. Whether it’s breakneck technological change, environmental sustainability, or economic turnarounds, these are issues that need to be met with radical optimism and the conviction that Nothing is Impossible.

In that same spirit the boys at Rype – are blazing a new trail following there Mobility and hi touch dream!

And so the revolution continues…




From Hi Tech to Hi Touch

September 11, 2010

I am privileged. Privileged to be at the forefront of yet another technology revolution!

The first ‘DTP’ was back in 1985 when I sat spellbound watching CEO Paul Brainerd demonstrating ‘Pagemaker’ on a Mac SE – composing a page of text, graphic and a photo which he then output to an Apple laserwriter via a new page description language called Postscript. Three companies collaborating together. Apple, Aldus and Adobe.

The Desktop Publishing revolution heralded a new shift from the analogue to digital world. Typesetters were the first to go, then film compositors, scanner operators, dark room photo editors – and along with them went the multi million dollar proprietary technologies. Hell, Crossfield, Kodak, Agfa just to name a few!

Enter the Xpress Group – Apple evangelists leading the DTP charge.

The second was in 1998 when a mate (Mark White) in his typical Tennessee drawl proclaimed – that the internet would soon spawn new – B2B marketplaces – digital hubs – business vortexes which Gartner predicted would be a multi trillion dollar industry and would streamline draconian commission riddled dysfunctional supply chains!

This time the revolution was led by a journalist and social entrepreneur- Kevin Jones and his iconic B2B event business – Net Market Makers. And so began a fast paced ride which included stratospheric peaks, black holes, bottomless pits, sharp turns and hairpin bends, and where multi millionaires were made in the blink of an eye – until the inevitable market correction – in 2001.

Enter OZeCorp Ltd – OZe evangelists leading the B2B charge.

So fast forward – to today 2010 as we witness another revolution – another shift a shift I call hi touch!

This hi touch future will again revolutionise the IT industry for you see… It’s not just about click and drag; it’s more about touch and feel. It’s not just about text and charts; it’s more about imagination and creativity. It’s not about energy sapping file servers or IT grunt, it’s about more sustainable cloud based solutions fostering real work collaboration and – the ability to always be connected.

Enter Rype hi touch IT evangelists and an endorsed member of the professional: Apple Consultants Network.

Rype’s dream is to ignite workplace creativity, to empower employees, to improve morale, to boost productivity, to increase profitability and to foster collaboration. And there commitment to you is they will reduce your IT dependence and costs associated with outdated thinking and inefficient legacy technology systems.

Welcome to the hi touch revolution

Welcome to Rype – freedom in business for life