‘We Believe’ and so does Business!

April 3, 2011

The impact of the iPad (post PC device) within SMEs, Enterprise and Government is beginning to reach critical mass.

Much has been written on the subject but from where I sit, this transformation is even more remarkable because within the corporation or business – adoption of any new Apple technology has mostly been a taboo subject.

The obvious reason being; for the past couple of  decades – ICT Information Communication Technology systems administration – (the business crown jewels) has largely been a Microsoft or RIM held bastion. Therefore  it’s not surprising there’s very little Apple IT experience or knowledge. Yet of late – the  ‘IT’ department is being inundated  from eager employees, management or the  CEO  – “when will we be able to use this magical iPad device?”

Not surprisingly the enterprise IT or business leader is now looking for a trusted Apple partner to ensure everything ‘just’ works or worse isn’t sabotaged from within by the IT status quo whom feel threatened!

Therefore, there’s an urgent need – for new Mobility integration and deployment specialists (and this is an important bit) with both MSFT and AAPL enterprise credentials.

Apple Inc. – through the new ACN (Apple Consultancy Network) certified accreditation program is now helping to raise the professional integration bar – to ensure the levels of support match what’s expected and required within the enterprise and wider IT business community.

And when both these planets align – something magical really does happen. Over the past 12 months through Rype I’ve witnessed – the transformation of many IT managers and CIO’s whom  now embrace and welcome change, Think Different, and rapidly becoming enthusiastic and passionate Apple advocates.

Remarkable indeed.

When technology gets out of the way  – it’s as though the child like quality of fun is unleashed. At the user level, there’s real interest from all involved including senior management. More happy faces, improved staff morale, individual productivity and customer service and satisfaction are up a notch. But perhaps the greatest transformation of all is – there’s new-found passion and committment within the enterprise and workplace towards discovery, innovation and creativity – the holy grail of any organisation.

iPad within business and the enterprise?

…..We Believe!




Here’s To The Crazy Ones!

May 29, 2009

Meet Phil Little A Futurist. A Mentor. A Friend.

Phil Little - A Sustainability Zealot!

Phil Little

In the spirit of my favorite ad of all time Think Different, Phil’s one of the crazy ones! A trouble maker. A rebel. A round peg in a square hole. Someone who sees things differently and someone who’s out to change the world!.

But whilst some see Phil perhaps as a crazy one some of us see genius, for the people who think they are crazy enough to change the world…are often the ones who do!

Actually Phil’s a Sustainability Zealot – been around for a while; 74 years to be exact. So whenever a grey haired revolutionist like Phil talks, I listen. Especially when it comes to things that really interest me like, Sustainable Innovation – or why the hell do we persist with the same draconian dysfunctional approach to residential housing construction?.

Phil’s taught me many things since our first meeting a few years ago now…

“Heh Tony, now your a smart chap so what do you know about UN Agenda 21? Or have you ever watched – Who Killed The Electric Car‘? or downloaded Annie Leonard’sThe Story of Stuff”

Buggar me, I didn’t have a clue. So I hired the movie, downloaded the video and read the UN report. (Follow the links)

But wait there’s more!

Heh Tony how much do you know about the Solar Decathlon?

The Solar what? The Solar Decathlon.

The World’s leading showcase of Solar Housing & Sustainable Innovation – Off-grid living (Energy, Water Waste) —a competition in which 20 teams of college and university students from around the world compete to design, build, and operate the most attractive, effective, and energy-efficient solar-powered house.

Australia has never sent a team. Not in 2007 nor in 2005 or 2002 and we’re not competing in this years challenge either. (Oct 09)

Further, it appears; No one from our three tiers of Government have even attended. No one from our Universities, or our Education Institutions. No one from our giant Energy, Water and Waste Utilities. And, No one from big Business.

But Phil Little has. Paid for himself to go. To watch, to learn, to meet other innovation leaders and to bring back new sustainable opportunities and knowledge, to help push Australia forward!

Since his return in 2007, Phil’s has been knocking on every damm government, university and industry door. But the answer is always the same...nothing!. curiosity yes. But let’s leave it to someone else, like Phil to make it all happen. Make it all happen?

Heh, remember when we won the America’s Cup! How proud our nation was. The drama, the intrigue. We were united around a competitive event – glued to our TV sets. But Phil’s no Bondy and the Solar Decathlon is different, it requires a collaborative effort from the media, Industry, Business, Government and Education – to get behind the youth of Australia and showcase Aussie innovation, ingenuity and our answers to a sustainable problems. The nation aligned and focussed around a real cause that spawns breathtaking opportunities and deliverable outcomes for education, training and the sustainable housing marketplace.

So I urge all the Captains of Industry and the leaders of our nation; Kevin Rudd, Peter Garrett, Penny Wong, Tanya Plibersek, Anna Bligh, Katie Jones…and anyone else that can assist to really get behind Phil Little’s quest.

I can hear the chant now….OZe OZe, OZe – Oi Oi Oi



The Innovation Cafe

May 3, 2009

Hello and welcome to my Australia – a land very much ‘down under’ in respect to where we sit within the global innovation economy!

Undaunted, a couple of weeks ago (Monday 20th April to be precise), three committed Queensland Economic Development Mavericks – Derek Ephrem, Nick McGuire and yours truly, decided to do something about it, when we raised the innovation bar a notch for this country.

Over 200 invited VIP’s and guests attended, the first Innovation Cafe breakfast (Watch the Launch here) – hosted by Logan City Council’s mayor Pam Parker.

Australia’s leading strategic foresight thinker – Steve Tighe – (from Chasing Sunrises) provided a fascinating 45 minute insight into why the world’s smartest business leaders continually get it so wrong. Scenario planning – spot the signals before they become a trend!

Now before you start trying to Google – The Innovation Cafe’s location, let me say this isn’t about a physical place rather this is more about the metaphor which underpins Innovation – the new peer to peer collaboration model – to  get together over a coffee (or if you prefer – green tea) to discuss issues or a topic around a common interest!

This is an era of Ready Fire Aim. Its time for Aussie business leaders to Think Different!

To unlearn those rear vision lessons from the past. To look up and to look forward. To notice what’s going on around you. To recognise that people especially your most valuable asset – employees matter just as much as profits and customers.

hire the right staff as they will attract the right customers because they will deliver you sustainable profits!

Yes, change is constant and inevitable. Therefore any business success, regardless of the current GFC (global financial crisis) is entirely dependent upon the benefits it provides by matching society’s perceived needs at any given point of time. And that can change in a blink of an eye.

You either adapt or you’ll become extinct.

But not this little black duck.

Open collaboration that fuels innovation is the key.

Join me in this quest to Think Different…and watch this space!